our community starts with


Bringing women in their 50s together
with intention

We believe that every woman should experience the beauty and confidence that comes from connecting within a community of like-hearted, mature women.


Because when women come together, incredible things happen. 


We invite you to join our latest gathering of like-hearted women, curated especially with you in mind...


 Come and connect with other women in and around their 50s each month over a casual drink and nibbles to hear shared experiences, wisdom and practical advice from experts around the challenges we will all face during midlife. 


Our gathering of like-hearted women will leave you feeling connected, supported and uplifted. 



Engaging & Inspirational Speakers

“How to start over, better, after 50”

15 April 2023

Denise McKenzie


“Finding love again, or even tolerable companionship”

13 May 2023

Janine Barr

Relationship strategist

“Importance of strength – stepping away from the scales into power and self-confidence” 

10 June 2023

Joanna Paterson

personal trainer | coach

“How to Own Your Style, with Mo Doy”

8 July 2023

Monique Doy


“Learning to love and accept your body through all the changes” 

19 August 2023

Dr Rita Csako

psychologist & senior lecturer aut

“Menopause – why is everyone talking about it?” 

9 September 2023

Dr Megan Ogilvie

reproductive endocrinologist

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The Parnell Hotel & Conference Centre

10/20 Gladstone Road

Parnell, AUCKLAND 

Women need other women in their lives, 
women who are the REAL deal 
genuine, honest, supportive, and kind.

Your journey to Connection with other

like-hearted women of a similar age and stage 

starts here…

Making friends in your 50s is hard, so we make it easy to create solid and lasting friendships with the How and the Where.

In-person events specifically curated for women in their 50s of a similar age and stage to feel truly connected. 

A tight-knit community of like-hearted women in their 50s coming together for friendship and fun.

Your Host, Janey Carr

My mission is to bring together like-hearted women in their 50s who desire genuine friendship and deeper connections within a rich, supportive community so that we can navigate life’s challenges with resilience, and create a life rich in meaning and true belonging.


Our values include honesty, integrity and kindness, and our community is one where everyone matters.


My door is always open to chat about collaborations, new projects, creative opportunities, and how I can be of service with you. 

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