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Wouldn’t it be great to have a close group of girlfriends to hang out and share life with.


 The problem is finding and making true friends is really hard as you get older. 

(It’s tough to know where to start!) 



Whether you’re…

… we make Friendship Easy with the HOW and the WHERE

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Discover why making friends in your 50s is so damn hard and why it’s not too late!  

"It's been wonderful meeting such welcoming, warm 
and interesting women. And I don't have to do anything except say 'yes' and turn up! For me, this has been a lifesaver."  
- Nicki W

A note from your host, Janey Carr

When I returned to NZ from the UK 12 years ago, I thought I could slot back into the solid friendships I’d left behind. But it was a shock to find they’d moved on, and there was no room for me.


I had to start all over again, again. But this time was much harder.


I tried many things and joined different clubs in an attempt to find like-minded women of a similar stage in life who were open and keen to hang out and establish close friendships.


But I found many women didn’t have the time, availability or energy to extend friendship to me with their many competing priorities.


I dreamed of joining a community of like-minded women that came together regularly for fun, support and friendship, a go-to place where I felt belonging and had potential ready-made friends on tap… but I couldn’t find it.


So I gave up and buried myself in work. Not a good move.


Then covid hit, and well, I don’t have to tell you the effect isolation had on friendships and connection on the whole for everyone.


When everything went virtual, I realised I wasn’t alone amongst the many other women in their 50s who were experiencing the same friendship challenges as me.


My original vision of a ready-made place to join and find genuine friendship and belonging has never really left me: 


  • a go-to place for real women in their 50s to connect at a deeper level within a community of like-minded women of a similar age and stage living in NZ;
  • and a place to experience more fun, friendship, and support through this season of change we are all experiencing.

Something I wished was around when I really needed it. 


So I decided to do something about it so that other women could avoid what I went through.


Since that time of loneliness, I’ve experienced great joy and fun in bringing together and connecting so many fabulous ladies in their 50s. I have reaped rich rewards watching new friendships grow and flourish every day.


I invite you to join us on this journey of bringing real friendship and genuine connection to like-hearted women all over New Zealand.  


I would be honoured to welcome you, as your host, 

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