Alone at Xmas without Hobnobs

I never told anyone this. 

The Xmas of ‘89 I had a choice between two evils – spend four nights in a 6-storey halfway house for alchy bums or admit to my bedsit-sitting friends I had no better place to be.

When an invite to family Xmas did not come, I had to vacate Uncle’s posh Kensington digs to make room for their visitors.

So I sat alone in a dingy Balham bedsit watching cringey B&W reruns into the early hours, wishing away tortuous minutes with four sucky channels.

But that’s not the worst of it.

I had run out of hobnobs, which was way more upsetting.  

I’d hoovered my way through the Lays, the Ferrero Rocher stash, and everything I could scrounge from their threadbare cupboards to ignore my feelings. The nearest shop was 40 minutes through snow and closed for 48 hours.

So I know ALL about the ‘L’ word. 

No, not ‘Loser’.


I prefer my own loser company to the cliche of dysfunctional family gatherings any day. But when you’re rejected by family, friends AND run out of hobnobs. Well, there’s only so much a girl can take! 

I demoted them all to the ‘not friends’ pile when they returned and started again.

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