Are best friends forever?

After spanking hundreds on professional wedding photos, this crappy little polaroid is by far my most treasured. A spontaneous snapshot of wrinkle-free besties (minus one who was likely propping up the bar).  Strong, beautiful women who had my back throughout the very worst and best of my 20s. In this moment, I thought we’d be …

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Are you a good friend?

I insisted on Cadbury’s mint chocolate.  Mid-sleepover we debated what King Size bar to buy with our measly pooling of cents. I loved all things chocolate, but if I could only have one bar, then it had to be mint.  (When God was giving out friend badges, he ran out when he got to me).  …

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Not all friends are forever

“You are both at polar ends of the spectrum,” the business coach explained after pulling out my last remaining hair.   I was a super organised, control freak; he was SO laid back he’d fall off his chair if he ever sat down long enough to concentrate. Attempting to instil some semblance of order was …

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