Freedom and flexibility – the new F words

The Great Resignation

HUSBAND: “You’ve had more jobs in the last 24 months than I’ve had in the past 12 years!” 

ME: “At least I don’t ghost,” as I hand in my second resignation of the year.

You know, where you blag your way through five interviews, accept the job offer, negotiate a 10k salary increase, HR’s all set to onboard you aaannd …. you’re a no show. 🧨

You’ve gone AWOL, your phone’s gone dead, and the recruiter is livid. 

I may be ‘old school’ to those just out of nappies, but I have integrity.

As my father urged, it may have been better to have been a ‘company (wo)man’. That is, to stay with your first company your ENTIRE working life, but

Do those jobs even exist?

Maybe in the fuddy-duddy world of insurance. (Been there, got out before I crusted over). The pension would have been handsome if I could survive death by a thousand pins in eyes.

Thanks to COVID, I’m untethered from the cubicle and surrounded by cats and dogs and dust all day.

Freedom, flexibility and PJ’s – nothing would get me back to the daily motorway grind and water-cooler small talk. 

And it seems I’m not the only one.

People are quitting their jobs in droves in The Great Resignation. They’ve had a taste of freedom, and they ain’t going back! Who can blame them?

There are downsides to working from home, however.

It seems I have an alter-ego, a cookie jar marauder who is at one with her saggy leather couch. And not much in the way of social interaction of the two-legged variety – that would require getting dressed. 

So if, like me, you’ve become a bit rusty socially thanks to the big P(andemic), and need to get out and meet new friends IRL (not the furry kind that sprawls across your keyboard and chews on your earphones), you’ll find a few tips here to get you started.  

psst… IRL means ‘in real life’, which I didn’t know until I started looking for real friends IRL.

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