Is it too late to make friends in your 50s?

Ship sailing into future - never to late to make friends in your 50s

“I missed the boat.”

She had received enthusiastic invitations to ‘girls nite out’ but gave them a miss. Having just emigrated with her kiwi husband and 6-year old from southern France, it was a foreign concept not to include the whole famille in group outings.

She hadn’t understood the nuances of the local culture, that the women bond over Sav Blancs before including their significant other (ahem, handbrake).

Eight years later, now in her 50s, she realises her mistake. But it’s too late; the women have long moved on without her, cementing a friendship group impossible to penetrate.

She had missed her opening.

In adulthood, opportunities to be a founding member in a tight group of girlfriends are few. The most obvious present themselves at specific life transitions.

One is the birth of a baby. You find sanity in the trenches with your zombie mum group comparing bags down to your knees and poo up to your neck. 

Again when your baby starts school or joins a midget sport, their new friends and family become your friends by proxy, and you get down and dirty in the PTA and community calls to action.

And that’s it, for the next 10+ years, buried in work, family and endless rounds of responsibility, leaving the door to your little clique slammed shut. You don’t have capacity for any new friends or for preserving old ones.

By the time your towering baby gives you the ‘not cool Mum’ swerve, you find your social circle has shrunk and life as you knew it is crumbling under menopause.

And THIS is when you have your one shot at the big one!

It’s a life transition that no woman emerges unscathed, and amidst the hormonal chaos and midlife confusion, you can line up pole position to ride this wave of opportunity. 

The last chance to get in on the ground floor;  to superglue with women high on freedom and possibility, bursting to rediscover their former selves, and wanting to connect like never before for their next chapter.

No more ‘used ta, used ta, used ta’. They’ll be doing it – with or without you!

So don’t miss the boat. The health of your future depends on it. 

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