Life was peaceful before social media

social media

I removed all social media apps from my phone a few years back, not as a social detox but to eliminate distraction.

I didn’t miss them. It was too easy to start mindlessly scrolling through the newsfeed of stranger ‘friends’ I didn’t need to know.

And lately, I’ve been doing a cleanse, quality over quantity… Unfriend. Unfriend. Hide post. Sigh.

When Facebook and Instagram went down a few weeks back, it was amusing to watch the shockwave, but no blip was felt here. 

We had no internet or cellphone coverage for months when we moved into our shack at the beach – a great alternative to noise-cancelling earphones. Within days the brain and body felt rejuvenated, and our dopamine hits came from ‘just being’ rather than finger tapping. 

I’m so thankful my childhood was one without social media and gaming.

We drooled over our cool new Commodore 64 when it arrived in my teens, but it had been the bushy outdoors and hundreds of 20c coins into the space invaders slot until then.

Fast forward to the aughts, when my son was born, I had a phone that wasn’t very smart (it would never ring when I willed it to) and no connection to the metaweb.

I would have been nose to phone scrolling endlessly, and no doubt missing all my son’s milestones, to ease the endless stretch of boredom intertwined with pooey nappies. So he got lucky. 

As tempting as it is, my preference now is to squeeze enjoyment from living life in technicolour reality rather than through a pixel in a never-ending virtual vortex.

Nothing beats connection with a human and friends in real life

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