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REAL connection

A community of like-hearted women in their 50s living in NZ who are actively making new friends and deeper connections for more fun, laughter and happiness. 


Our tight-knit community values quality over quantity, 
and real connection over surface-level friendship.

Are you a women in your 50s who struggles to find like-minded women, who want new friends to do things with, and feels like you’re missing out?


You may only have family to hang out with, work colleagues you have nothing in common with, or a few friends you don’t see ‘cos they’re always busy with commitments.   


You’d love to be able to say “let’s go here, let’s do this” but there’s never anyone around, so it can feel a bit lonely.


You know something has got to change, but putting yourself out there to meet new people can feel daunting. 


Besides, you wouldn’t even know where to find women who actually want to make friends, who are interested in similar things, and are willing to put the effort in. 


But there is hope!


Because there are women in their 50s, just like you, who once struggled to find like-minded women who they had things in common, to become close friends with.


They have now found a community of women to get out of the house and socialise with, who have similar interests and want to do new and fun things together.


All this has made them feel confident, accepted and fulfilled with an ever-growing circle of genuine friends. 

We offer you

Genuine Friendship

with warm, supportive women who gather together to enrich their lives with fun and laughter.

Deeper Connections

to experience the heartfelt joy of being in the company of real women, so you never have to feel alone

Real Belonging

in a community of like-minded women of a similar age and stage with shared values and interests. 


What's included in your membership?

Private Membership Area

A dedicated members-only platform with events, discussions, group chat, member directory to keep you connected before, during and after gatherings.

Free Entry to Events

Free entry to the Friendship Made Easy fortnightly coffee catchups and all popup member events inside the club, so you only pay for associated events costs.

Monthly 1x1 Matches

Get to know your new friends on a deeper level  to build stronger connections and stronger friendships.

Virtual Monthly Gathering

A hosted virtual get together each month to stay connected when gathering in person is not always possible.

Monthly Members-Only Events

Bespoke ‘in-person’ events, as voted by members, curated and hosted each month for shared experiences and beautiful memories.

Quarterly 'In Person' Event

Discounted or free entry to our hosted ‘in-person’ events for both members and non-members to expand your network of friends.

…all of this and so much more only inside the club!

Are you ready to feel confident, supported and connected within a close-knit community of like-hearted women?

The Real Women, Real Friends Club isn’t for everyone. We gather together genuine, down to earth, values-driven women in their 50s who are willing to do what it takes to build strong foundations for deep and lasting friendship. For the fabulous women who fit the criteria below, we are curating a high-touch membership experience that aims to over deliver. 


Real Women, Real Friends is the right fit for you

If you are

This community is NOT for you if

Become a Real Women, Real Friends member today to experience the heartfelt joy of connecting with authentic, like-minded women on a deeper level for true friendship and more fun, so you never have to feel alone.

Pay Monthly

Recurring payment – cancel anytime.

No notice period required.  

Pay Yearly

Best Value: 2 month’s free when you join on an annual subscription!      

Secure Checkout. All prices in NZD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Real Women, Real Friends membership for?

Genuine, down to earth, values-driven women in their 50s living in NZ who want to make new friends and actively build strong relationships and deeper connections within our community.

Do I need a Facebook account to join the membership?

No, we have a private membership platform, unconnected to social media.

How do you compare to other communities?

We are a values-driven community where quality over quantity comes first. This, along with our hosted in-person curated events, and members who are actively investing in friendship, means real connections are formed.

Do you offer a membership trial to see if it is a good fit?

No. But if you are not 100% sure if the membership is a right fit, we encourage you to come along to one of fortnightly coffee catchups to get a feel for our gatherings.

As a member, am I required to attend every event?

No. We all know life sometimes get in the way. Our aim is to facilitate friendship and connection, and this community is here for you to draw from whenever it you need it.

If I pay monthly, can I cancel any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any stage, with no notice period. Once cancelled you'll retain access to the Real Women, Real Friends membership for any remaining time paid for, after which you'll lose access to the community and member-only events.

Are there any additional costs associated with the events you organise?

Some events may have a small booking fee charged by the various event platforms used (i.e. Stripe), or event costs (e.g. catering, venue hire) but we aim to keep these to a minimum.

Can I upgrade to an annual membership later?

Absolutely - you can upgrade to an annual membership anytime by contacting

Janey Carr Profile Picture

Meet Janey, your host

I dreamt of joining a community of like-minded women that came together regularly for fun and friendship. In this go-to place, I could meet genuine women of a similar age and stage who actually wanted to make friends and be somewhere I could belong … but I couldn’t find one.

So I did the next best thing and created exactly what I was looking for and invited other women who wanted that too, to join me. 

The rest is history! 

Four things in life bring us joy – achievement, learning, relationships and making the world a better place.

For me, this community ticks all those boxes.

Nothing brings me greater joy than hosting social gatherings full of fabulous women in their 50s with similar interests, facilitating connections, and seeing new friendships blossom and confidence grow.

Thank you for the opportunity to become your friend and to be part of something bigger than me.  

Just some of the Love letters from our Members


From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for creating Real Women, Real Friends. x



Am definitely making in-roads into a greater social life thanks to your events. Imagine where my progress will be by this time next year.



"No competition, no backhanded comments, no jealousy..." ths sums up what this group is all about. A massive shout out for starting RWRF and to all of you for making it the group it is.



Thanks so much for pioneering this amazing group's team spirit.



Joining this club was the highlight of my year!


Not sure if Real Women, Real Friends is a fit for you right now?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  We invite you to come along to any joint member/non-member event we curate to meet like-hearted women of a similar age and stage for friendship and fun…