Don’t mention the Menopause!


Yes, let’s talk about the ‘M’ word – no, not midlife – menopause.

Most men are oblivious to what we have to contend with as women.

But as sharing is caring, I generously made Husband aware that menopausal hell could last up to 10 years – a life sentence in some countries.

And he was as shocked as I was to hear.

Sadly, many women suffer menopause in silence and think they’re the only ones going crazy.

Maybe it’s embarrassing to admit the ‘M’ word because it smacks of the other ‘M’ word – middle age. The  associated negative connotation of loss is confronting enough without catching a glimpse in the mirror.

But it’s a missed opportunity to bond with fellow stoic soldierettes over embarrassing hot flushes, expanding waistlines and sleep-deprived days.

We could be sharing potions and sympathies, hand-me-down wisdom, and uniting against workplace ignorance that offers no respite or empathy during office hours.

Midlife has enough challenges with finding friends, teenage sulks and sandwiched responsibilities without muffling menopause in the mix. 

Just like the other ‘M’ word (period), it’s just another pain in the proverbial that won’t last forever. One day we’ll be freed and come out the other end alive to warn the next cohort.

In the meantime, let’s shout it from the water cooler and bring this dustmite out from under its heavy blanket of taboo.

Start an ‘M’ revolution – a “Me.Too.1” movement. 

If 50% of the world’s inhabitants have no choice but to go through this, then the other 50% sure as hell should know about it!

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