“Navigating Menopause & Midlife 
with Confidence”    



Saturday, 11 February, 2023

12.30 pm – 5.30 pm



Come gather amongst
like-minded women and feel 
connected, supported and uplifted!


If you are finding menopause and midlife, with their stressors, fears, and changes, are impacting your health and happiness…

..then come gather together in-person with other women in their 50s who are experiencing the same midlife challenges around ageing, menopause, relationships, dating, friendship, and starting over.

Our inspirational speakers will share their expertise, experience, wisdom and practical advice on how to face your challenges, menopause and changing norms during midlife with confidence.

Engaging & Inspirational Speakers
Coaches & Experts

Niki Bezzant

Journalist, Author, 

Menopause Advocate

Vanessa Baxter

Author, Writer, 

Business Coach

Karen Nimmo

Author, Writer,  

Clinical Psychologist

Kate Nankivell

Podcaster & Life 

Transformation Coach
IG | Tiktok: @theshapeofkate

Janey Carr

Connector, Curator & Founder

Janine Barr (MC)

Relationship Strategist & Creator

Featured Speaker:
"The lowdown on peri-menopause and menopause"  - Niki Bezzant, Author

In ‘The Talk: menopause edition’ keynote speaker, Niki Bezzant gives you the lowdown on the last taboo of women’s health: menopause.  

Just like the puberty talk we all got, but for menopause – this is the talk every woman (and everyone else!) needs.

Your questions answered...

* Could this be me? How to know if you’re in peri-menopause (it could be earlier than you think!)

* Common symptoms and what to do about them, including flushes, brain fog, mood issues, weight and body changes, sleep problems and more (including the things we really don’t want to talk about!

* The lowdown on HRT – good or bad? What does the science say?

* Menopause myths busted: what works and what doesn’t work (despite the hype). Are there natural remedies that can help?

* Nurturing your health; what to do NOW for a vibrant and healthy second half. 

* Menopause at work, home and community: how to have a menopause-friendly workplace; how to be a menopause ally to the women in your life; how to talk about menopause. 


Closing One Chapter
& Starting Another

Empowering you to imagine where you can apply grit, determination, recovery, choice and daring in work, relationships and life.
- Vanessa Baxter, Coaching Connections

How to Live Well
Over 50

The Shape of Kate's philosophy on ageing. How to face ageing with courage and enthusiasm wherever you are at. 

- Kate Nankivell, The Shape of Kate

Why is it hard to make friends in your 50s?

Discover how friendship works, why it matters and where to focus your efforts for genuine friendship & deeper connection.

- Janey Carr, Friendship Made Easy

How to Start Over
After 50

Practical worldly advice on what to do when your relationship breaks down and 

the sh*t hits the fan.
- Karen Nimmo, On The Couch

About Your MC...

The quality of your relationships will determine the quality of your 

life experiences.  
Janine will weave useful anedotes and thought-provoking questions to enrich your experience of this event. 
- Janine Barr, Relationship Strategist, Coach & Creator

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